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Needle (Creepypasta OC) by FireFox831 Needle (Creepypasta OC) :iconfirefox831:FireFox831 3 0 Universe by DylanSeto Universe :icondylanseto:DylanSeto 123 23 Angel in hell by swzhang1997 Angel in hell :iconswzhang1997:swzhang1997 40 7 halloween Phantom by poperart halloween Phantom :iconpoperart:poperart 66 10 Amanda Greenwood Reference by PsychoStar1993 Amanda Greenwood Reference :iconpsychostar1993:PsychoStar1993 7 0
Celestial Dance
Three stars orbit slowly in the midnight sky, calm, careful circles revealing a slow but passionate dance
At first, the gravity that binds them allows for only slow, painstakingly cautious circuits
Thus, the dance begins, steady and attentive, unsure feet working in unpracticed tandem
Gradually, gravity brings the cosmic entities closer and closer, the dance know becoming smoother and more fluid, sensations once completely alien now become familiar and comforting
Tendrils of molten light now arc between the three beings of eternal fire, hands reaching out to grasp their partners as their dance quickens
The surface of each of the massive balls of energy begins to warp and stretch, gravity now so immense that chunks of the creatures crafted of heat and fire began to rip and tear violently
The dance is now so fast and full of passion that the participants are no longer aware of what was their body and what was not, only the emotions that led them to this ritual allow them to even believe
:iconthegreatpoetnick119:thegreatpoetnick119 3 1
Friday Night, Deadly Night. Prologue
Night… A dark, silent night enveloped the dense forest, in the middle of which an abandoned summer camp by the lake lies in its dead silence.
This place has been deserted for years. Or has it? Is this camp really as abandoned as it seems?
Camp Crystal Lake. This name has instilled panic fear in peoples’ hearts. So much blood had been spilled there, so many lives had been claimed. Large numbers of people have met their demise in this place. No one dares to come close to the camp, thinking that this place has a death curse.
And that’s where He lives.
An unfortunate soul of a boy, bullied by peers because of his appearance. But is it really his fault he was born like that? Unfortunately most people just need a beautiful wrap, without caring what is hidden underneath. And that is about him. The poor lad met his unfortunate end in the waters of Crystal Lake that accepted him in its arms, ending his life torture. Of course, the careless camp counselors were blamed for his d
:iconpredaliena:Predaliena 14 11
Amber Eyed KillEr by Amber-The-Hunter Amber Eyed KillEr :iconamber-the-hunter:Amber-The-Hunter 2 10 CREEPYPASTA OC: JOSEPH YOUNG (OLD) by SatiricalKat CREEPYPASTA OC: JOSEPH YOUNG (OLD) :iconsatiricalkat:SatiricalKat 92 21
Slaughtermauch: Sons of Menace
We are Menace, sons of the Machine King, enforcers of his will, the bullets of his rifle.
We are born of the father's steel essence, and our mother's stone skin. The blood of the forge runs through our veins, molten and bliss.
Our fibres are of demi-god, muscle and tendon, nerve and sinew, all of deities mass.
Father's will shall guide our hands, his hands. We are not priest, preachers, or humble sages.
We are eradicators, massacres incarnate. Our scripture is scrawled in scar and shrapnel. Each wound is a lesson, every fatality a revelation. We live for this, we thrive for this.
Bound in blessed armor, helmets edged with teeth of iron, a grin of malice, we chop on as our precursor did.
Victorious Juggernaut, Machine King, first of Menace, your blood gives us rebellion. Your song carries on, as roar, as power.
Your final gift is right to destroy.
The blade of creation's screams made metal, tendered and honed in hallowed grand carcass, Slaughtermauch!
Sing brothers! Sing the sweet song
:iconquinn-red:Quinn-Red 3 1
Mature content
CrossRoads Re-write :iconthe-royal-ink:The-Royal-Ink 17 3
Game Master by dragonslayerman6 Game Master :icondragonslayerman6:dragonslayerman6 17 440
Standing in the Storm
Trouble bubbling up from the past
It doesn't tempt me anymore
So why does it last?
I am not weak I will not cave in
Even as my scars break open
And remind me of my sin
It's OK, it's OK
Take a deep breath
It's OK, it's OK
This won't be my death
I don't understand Lord, you freed me from my chains
So even as I bleed
I'll remember you're the one who reigns
I'm the daughter of the light, His beloved, His chosen
So I'll stand up to the darkness
My fear of it is frozen
It's OK, it's OK
Take a deep breath
It's OK, it's OK
This won't be my death
The devil's minions get their claws into my wings
I can't say how bad it hurts
For I hate these things
But all they have are lies, no power, no might
All they have is shadows
And I am in the light
It's OK, it's OK
Take a deep breath
It's OK, it's OK
This won't be my death
I don't understand the pain I'm going through
But I trust my King
His hope forever springs anew
:iconstealthwizzard:stealthwizzard 7 5
Explosion by Shiningfant Explosion :iconshiningfant:Shiningfant 28 3 Honor by Shiningfant Honor :iconshiningfant:Shiningfant 27 4 lapis by Sushi700 lapis :iconsushi700:Sushi700 3 0



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I wish i was a shark..


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